Posted by: oheb | June 19, 2007

Take Note!

Cartography: Apparently, presentation is important…ESRI also has a Mapping Center with a wealth of information on all the cartographic details that go into a map. Like gradient filles for your polygons, which is actually pretty awesome; allows for same-coloured polygons, side-by-side, without outlines! Woooooo!

Paper Butterflies

Internal: Apparently, ESRI will be making available their “internal” Knowledge Base at the ESRI Support Site. Meaning that all bugs and known problems / solutions will be transparent to the user community. This is good news as calls to the support center can be a hair yanking experience.

Free Data!: ESRI now has data available online for users to pull into their applications, mostly for the US (like free 1 meter imagery for Continental US!), but should be explored for Canadian data. This is an interesting thing to think about as it may foreshadow how web applications may look in the future.

GeoRSS: The Open GeoSpatial Consortium is thinking of making geoRSS an OGC Standard. RSS is a web feed format that allows you to pull in data from other websites; the information you’re taking from the feed is automatically updated for you. geoRSS simply adds Lat and Long XML tags to it, meaning the information can be mapped to a point.


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