Posted by: oheb | June 20, 2007

New for ArcGIS 9.2

Three things have, so far, really stood out for me regarding the new release of ArcGIS.

1) Mashups: This is a silly term for some really cool possibilities. A Mashup is, as defined on Wikipedia, “a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.”. This means you can author your own web services, combine them with other web services, such as Google Maps, or ArcWeb Routing Services, and serve them out as a web application. The user experiences this as one integrated tool. It’s like this…you create your application however you want, integrating any number of services that follow the Web Standards; ArcGIS is just one service that you tap into. It is worth noting that ArcWeb Services are also based on AJAX which allows for the smooth panning you experience with Google.

2) Cached Map Services: I’m going to have to do more exploring in this regard but the simplistic version is this: You can cache tiles of data that are accessed often by users, potentially increasing the performance of your display and queries by “lots”.

3) Security: You can now set up roles and users, and it seems to be quite easy. You can do this at the tool or service level too. Meaning, maybe you have an application that is accessible to the public, but within that application you have tools that you want to limit to an internal selection of users, or maybe their are sensitive layers that you want to limit access to. You can do all that.



  1. Hi Joel,

    ..hope the conference has been a good experience so far. Have you handed out lots of your home-made DFO business cards? …some interesting information on ArcGIS functions…hope there will be lots more of that when you return…


  2. It is sounding really good Joel. I’m interested in the mashup tool you described – we should think about how we might use this for some of our work. Cheers, Karen

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