Posted by: oheb | June 21, 2007


San Diegans walk bolt upright.

If you’re from Vancouver and you’ve been in San Diego for a few days, the first thing you notice is that the weather is totally predictable. The sun is always shining and nothing ever seems to fall from the sky.

A funny story about a guy from San Diego. On a trip to Detroit with a friend from Toronto, he arrives in a blizzard. Walking to the hotel, doing everything he can to see even a few steps ahead of himself, he finally stops his friend and screams, “I can’t see anything!”. To which she responds, “Put your head down.”.

Walking home.



  1. Hi Joel. Good to see you are enjoying the conference and San Diego. I also felt overwhelmed with the scale and wealth of information the conference had to offer — so don’t sweat it man, it happens to everyone.

    If you have a chance, try taking the trolley/bus to where sea world is (but don’t go to sea world). The neighbourhood there is cool with the beaches and laid back lifestyle.

    Enjoy the rest of your time there!

  2. Not a myth!!! True story. I swear on my Tim Horton’s coffee mug.

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