Posted by: oheb | June 21, 2007

Advanced Oracle Administration

Tues: 10.15am
ESRI Database Specialists

Most of this session was over-my-head but I did get the most important information…

Cursors: Oracle assigns cursors to each SQL statement run on the database. In ArcGIS, each layer is assigned 8 cursors to deal with the various SQL statements being run against it. This means that an MXD with 30 layers would consume 240 cursors. It is beneficial to set a few parameters for how Oracle handles ArcSDE’s cursors

  • open_cursors: 2000+ (the number of cursors allowed)
  • session_cached_cursors: 100+
  • cursor_sharing: exact (meaning cursors can be reused but only if the SQL is exactly the same)
  • cursor_space_for_time: true (means Oracle can’t steal cursors for its own use)

LogFiles: Apparently, any issues with shared log files that used to exist have been solved with 9.0+. One interesting note is that the SDE_LOGFILE_DATA table needs to be tweaked a bit for optimal performance, statistics should be dropped on that table and dynamic sampling should be turned on and set to 2.


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