Posted by: oheb | July 5, 2007

ArcWeb Services

Tues: 1.30pm
Weds: 3.15pm
ESRI Web Services Division

The newest and fastest growing division supposedly…ArcWeb Services just released the ArcWeb Explorer 2 (AWX 2.0) API.

ArcWeb Services are, according to their website, a collection of tools that enable users to integrate mapping, routing, and geographic reporting into their Web, wireless, or desktop applications. Basically it gives you an AJAX enabled map window, onto which you can place objects. The spatial data and the objects can come from any number of sources.

AWX 2.0 is built on the Flash Player 9, a new player with a “just-in-time” compiler, which has apparently boosted the display speed significantly since the days of AWX 1.0. The Flash player resides on the client, and most of the work is done by the client; projection, measurements, etc. As home computers have skyrocketed in power and speed, this ability has provided significant improvement in display speeds.

All of this leads to THE MASHUP! Possibly a real multi-media experience.

Somewhere in here is the future of GIS applications…You have your beautifully designed webpage, branded in your special CSS, javascript, Flash movies, etc and the webpage has a MAP window that contains your base data, local and pulled from a variety of sources. On top of those base layers you place more data from a host of other map services, you attach graphics, links, video and sound to locations, you pull in geoRSS feeds that place real-time events onto the map, you pull in custom routing, buffering, geocoding tools, and on and on…And all of this happens with smooth panning and quick refreshes…

So how does an organization get into this without serious time and resources? Well, here’s that gap between the technology and the community.


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