Posted by: oheb | June 19, 2007

Plenary Session

Jack Dangermond

Unanswered Questions: Day 1 of the conference and I’ve already found myself unprepared. At the end of the day I ran into Jack Dangermond (in picture above), the president, founder, and owner of ESRI, and I forgot to ask him an interesting question about his extraordinary business success. Instead, I shook his hand and asked him if he was scared speaking in front of 13,000+ people. He said yes, his wife laughed, he said he loved Vancouver, and they were off. He seems very sincere, and friendly.

Size: It’s hard to understand the size of this conference until you’re in it, but I never would have thought that so many people were interested in GIS. I can’t imagine setting 13,000 chairs, or making coffee for 13,000 people…

The Plenary Session

Freak: After a long day sitting in uncomfortable chairs listening to normal people being reduced by fear to sounding like robots it was nice to have a carefree freak to entertain us. This guy played his electric cello to pre-recorded euro-trash techno, making yelping noises at the really “good” parts. The sign above him is fitting.

The Plenary Session

Conclusion: All in all a good first day. No sessions or workshops yet but some good general information and an inspiring keynote speech.

The Plenary Session


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